Our Current LM Academy Timetable


9-10am The Art of Body Movement Oliver Pineda
10-11am The Key 2 Mambo Excellence Oliver Pineda
11-12pm Musical Mastery Oliver Pineda
12-1pm Bachata Business Mitch Bilic

Your Dream, Our Goal!

If you have ever wanted to perform, compete, teach or simply take your dancing to the next level, now is your chance! Check out LM Academy’s 5 P’s:

LM Academy Promise

Latin Motion has always had the reputation of being the school of quality: a school that provides the highest quality training in the industry. It is not a coincidence that Latin Motion produces the best dancers in Australia’s Latin dance scene. We achieve this by being affiliated with respected industry individuals and having them teaching in the Academy program, providing our members with quality learning from the crème de la crème. Latin Motion will help you to be the best dancer you can be; this is our promise to you.

LM Academy Plan

When you join the Academy, you will be asked what goals you have for your dancing. Whether you want to teach, perform, compete or simply take your dancing to the next level, our team will work with you on a development plan outlining what your next steps should be to achieve your goals. At the beginning of every new semester, you and our team will review your goals and development plan.

LM Academy Projects

We have various performance and competitive projects available each year that you can choose to be part of or in some cases may need to be selected for.

LM Academy Program

The Academy program is an intensive and advanced curriculum of classes, choreographies and workshops of various Latin dance styles such as Salsa, Mambo, Bachata.

Although each Academy member may choose one or two particular styles as part of their development plan, Academy classes across all styles are exclusively open to all Academy members only, giving you the opportunity to excel not only in your chosen style but also in all styles.

Apart from the various Latin dance styles, the Academy program includes associated training that will contribute enormously on making you the best dancer you can be. Associated training includes: Ballet & Ballroom technique, Stretch & Strength conditioning & Pilates etc. These classes are also open & exclusive to all Academy members only.

What’s more, Latin Motion’s Academy offers a Teacher Training program to some members who are specifically selected to teach Latin Motion’s public classes. Members of Latin Motion’s instructor team will receive additional training from Oliver Pineda, who is known around the world for his unique, in-depth and profoundly knowledgeable yet easy to learn teaching style.

Latin Motion also provides workshops taught by local and international artists that are experts in their fields. These workshops will be open to the public at full price; however, Academy members get access to workshops at discounted rates.

LM Academy Promotion

Latin Motion showcases its talent to Australia and to the world by giving its members maximum exposure in the most relevant local, interstate and international performance and competitive opportunities every year. Working along with Oliver, you will have the opportunity to travel to many Latin dance events representing Latin Motion and promoting yourself as member of its Academy. Being associated with 9 x World Salsa Champion and World Bachata Champions is a big thing for every dancer who wants to build a name in the industry.

More about LM Academy

Students wishing to enter Latin Motion Academy must audition to be granted entry. Auditionees will be taught a series of dance techniques, drills and one short choreography sequence and will be required to perform these back at the end of audition. Audition cost is $50 and it is non refundable regardless if you are successful or not.

Our next intake audition is:
When: TBA
Where: St Peters studio (15 May street)

For a private audition, please email oliver@latinmotion.com.au

All Academy members must be on a 12 month LM Academy membership ($45/week) or 6 month LM Academy membership ($50/week), which gives you access to LM Academy classes and also entitles you to attend all public classes run by Latin Motion. Academy members also receive incentives & discounts on private lessons, workshops & choreographic packages with the 9 x World Salsa Champion Oliver Pineda.

Academy weekend classes are run on Saturdays, weekly attendance is not mandatory but is advisable in order for you to progress.

Our Happy Students