As one of the most popular genres to come from Brazil, Samba is known across the world as an infectious form of dance that evokes passion, life and energy from everyone who participates in it, from dancers to the audience. At Latin Motion, our Samba classes allow you to experience just that. Our lessons will help keep your body in shape with you even realising it — you will be too busy having a ball with your fellow dancers! Learn how to move in the same way that people in Rio de Janeiro do!

Where did this style come from?

Thought to mean ‘invitation to dance’ in Kimbundu, an African dialect, Samba is thought to have originated amongst the dance parties held by slaves in rural areas. It is often characterised by its rhythmic, grinding hip movements and the unique percussion music it is performed to. Eventually it became more popular amongst the upper classes of Brazil and made its way around the world, where it became revered based on its energy and personality. Widely considered one of the most unique styles, our classes are a great way to try it out for yourself.

Classes that are good for you

Dancing is proven to have a range of positive physical and mental effects on people and our range of Zouk, Bachata, Cuban Salsa, Kizomba and Samba classes are no different. Our Sydney CBD studio is always full of people who come to our lessons to let go of any stress that builds up over the day or week, always walking out feeling far better in every sense.

Not only can the vigorous nature of our Samba help to keep you fit, but it also helps your body to release serotonin that will make you feel happier. It’s also an incredible way to improve your social life, as our vibrant community of passionate dancers are welcoming and diverse, giving you the chance to meet new people.

Be part of our dancing family. Join our Samba dance classes in Sydney. Enrol online now or call us on 0422 030 184.