Oliver Pineda
Oliver PinedaFounder & Director - 10 x World Salsa Champion
Oliver Pineda is the Founder and Director of World reknown Latin Motion Dance Academy, founded by Oliver Pineda & Natalie Zeller (formally Reis) in the year 2000. As Australia’s only 10 x World Salsa Champion, Oliver has won five of his World Salsa Titles with celebrity dance partner of 20 years & 3 x winner of “Dancing with the Stars” Luda Kroitor. They continue to inspire by performing & winning championships till today.

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As well as his very own subscription website www.oliverpineda.dance; housing over 500 videos with new uploads every month plus his NEW International initiative; The Oliver Pineda TOP Teams, allowing dancers worldwide to learn, train & perform under his extensive choreographic guidance & experience. Oliver is also responsible for introducing Rueda in 1999, Kizomba & Semba in 2007 to Sydney. He was one of the instigators of linear style Salsa in the year 2000 & is now undoubtedly the pioneer of Mambo ‘On2’ in Australia.

Oliver was most recently featured in an article as one of the top 10 male Salsa dancers in the world & now directs Latin Motion alongside business partner Mitch Bilic.

Some of Oliver’s achievements include but are not limited to –

2001 IDO World Salsa Champion – Miami (with Luda Kroitor)
2005 World Salsa Open Champion – Puerto Rico (with Luda Kroitor)
2005 ESPN World Salsa Champion – Las Vegas (with Luda Kroitor)
2006 ESPN World Salsa Champion – Las Vegas (with Luda Kroitor)
2007 ESPN World Salsa Champion – Miami (with Luda Kroitor)
2012 World Salsa Champion – Hong Kong (with Vali Damaskou)
2014 World Salsa Champion – Hong Kong (Solo)
2015 World Salsa Summit Champion – Miami (Solo)
2017 World Latin Dance Cup Champion – Miami (Solo)
**NOW** 2019 Las Vegas Ultimate Latin Dance World Championship. 10 Times World Champion!

As well as being a special guest performer/choreographer on Channel 7’s ‘Dancing with the Stars’ demonstrating Salsa, Oliver was also a choreographer for Channel 10’s hit TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” & featured numerous times on the Morning Show with Kerrie Anne.

Born in Australia and of Chilean descent, this young man started dancing Salsa at the age of 10. Having danced for over 20 years, Oliver is now Australia’s most undisputed Latin Dance talent. His unique style of dance and clear precise teaching methods make him one of the most admired and sought after Salsa dancers and instructors in the world. Oliver has taught workshops in every continent at thousands of events around the World and continues to travel spreading his passion & knowledge for dance.

Upon finishing high school, Oliver received a scholarship to train in London with partner Luda in preparation for the Biggest Dancesport Competition in the World. They competed against 600+ couples in the under 21 Youth division and placed top 98 at the famous Blackpool Championship.

Oliver was then granted a scholarship to attend the Australian Collage of Physical Education (ACPE) to complete a Bachelor in Dance.

Instead, Oliver with his 7 years of training in Dancesport chose to pursue the music and dance of his Latin American roots; Salsa. A decision that would forever change his life.

Although passionate about Salsa and Mambo, Oliver’s dance experience also extends to Rueda, Merengue, Zouk Lambada, Kizomba, Semba, Samba, Cumbia, Cha Cha, Rumba, Afro Cuban, & all the Latin / Modern Dacesport Ballroom styles such as Jive, Paso Doble, Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Tango, Venice Waltz & Quick Step.

Oliver, a well known percussionist owes his musical talents to his two cousins Jason & Gary & father Julio, all well known percussionists in the Industry. Having played at the recently closed Vivaz Nightclub since the age of 16 & La Campana Nightclub since the age of 18 in Sydney, Oliver now occasionally plays with some of Sydney’s top Salsa bands, mastering the timbales, congas and bongo among other percussive instruments. His early performance experience within the Brazilian culture has also enabled him to handle Brazilian style instruments such as the snare drum, zurdo, pandero and the hepinique. Oliver gets invited to play with some of the world’s best singers & bands in countries & events all over the World.

As well as his musical & dance talents, Oliver is also a black belt martial artistist in the combat art of Tae Kwon Do having taught kids from a young age & competed in many tournaments in Australia. This relationship between martial arts & dance was formed early on in his life, equipping him with an understanding of the basics of the Brazilian martial arts, Capoeira.

Oliver was given the Honour of being Australia’s first Male dancer ever to be featured on the cover of Australia’s VIVA Magazine in it’s December issue 2004 & in January 2008 issue with partner Luda. He was also given the Best Male Instructor Award at the biggest Salsa Congress in the World, in 2006 at the West Coast Salsa Congress in Los Angeles. Further more, it was Oliver (and Natalie Reis) who lead the “Americas” segment out onto the field in the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Sydney 2000.

Oliver now heads one of the highest calibre student performance groups in Australia, the ‘The Oliver Pineda TOP Teams’ an International Initiative allowing dancers from ALL over the World to followed & admired by dancers all over the world & is proud to be the creator of his own brand of Salsa, internationally known as ‘Aussie Style Salsa’.

Oliver continues to spread his incredibly profound knowledge & unique, sought after teaching style to dancers around the World & is now in the process of expanding Latin Motion, locally & internationally with franchises already in the works.


Claire Kellner-Read
Claire Kellner-ReadSalsa, Mambo & Samba Instructor
Sydney based dancer Claire started Ballet at the age of 3 in the United Kingdom. In 2006 she joined the Austrian Youth Ballet Company. She furthered her full-time classical training at the Australian Dance Performance Institute gaining an Advanced Diploma and High Distinction in her RAD Advanced 2 exam, which takes a minimum of 11 years to complete.

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In 2010 Claire had the opportunity to start teaching, which opened up her teaching passion. In 2012 she was accepted into prestige European Ballet Academies, accepting the Balletschule Theater Basel offer in Switzerland. She has had the privilege of training under a few of the best Ballet Masters in the World.
In 2017 she changed her career path by accepting a Contract with Circus Rio as lead singer & Samba dancer. In 2018 she met the inspiring 10 x World Champion, Oliver Pineda who offered to take her under his wing and train her to achieve her Salsa Goals and make her mark in the Latin World.
She joined the Latin Motion Family as a Salsa and Samba Instructor and could not feel more honoured to be part of the Team.
Claire will also be teaching the Latin Motion Kids classes in 2020.
Come and join her in Ll7, Lvl 2, Lvl 5 and Samba!!

Salsa Competition:
2018 Semi-Pro Salsa Solo Champion, World Salsa Solo
2019 Semi-Pro Salsa Solo Champion, Australian Dance Cup
2019 Professional Salsa Solo Champion, World Salsa Solo

Christine Rymer
Christine RymerSalsa & Urban Fusion Instructor
Christine’s dance experience is a diverse combination of Jazz, JFH, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Zouk, Kizomba, Dancehall, Afro & Reggaeton. Over the past 10 years she has achieved numerous titles competing and performing at National and International events in the Latin Dance Scene.

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Christine’s energetic personality shines through in both her teaching and performing. Her power, speed and fireball energy on stage will be sure to entertain any audience. She has recently been part of the brand new dance show & competition on the Channel 7 Network, “Danceboss” Australia 2018, as a contestant in which her group placed 4th.

Some achievements include:

  • 2014 1st Place Australian Semi-Pro Salsa Couple Champion
  • 2014 1st Place Australian Salsa Open Professional Teams Champion
  • 2015 1st Place Open Latin Teams (Cha Cha) Champion, World Salsa Solo, Brisbane
  • 2016 2nd Place Professional Salsa Teams, Hong Kong World Salsa Championship
  • 2016 Australian Salsa Professional Couples Champion, World Salsa Solo, Brisbane
  • 2017 Winner of Australia’s Best Latin Couple “Best Choreography”
  • 2017 2nd Place Open Salsa Shines Duo
  • 2019 3rd place Open Salsa Shines Teams (TOP Team) – World Salsa Solo
  • 2019 3rd place Open Reggaeton Teams – World Salsa Solo
  • 2019 2nd place Reggaeton Duets – World Salsa Solo

Christine has been with Latin Motion since 2010 and teaches Salsa Levels 4, 5 and 6, as well as Urban Latin Fusion and Latin Motion’s new kid’s classes. Come and have some fun and more than likely a good laugh. Only at Latin Motion on Monday and Wednesday nights 🙂


Gareth MartinSalsa Instructor
Brad Taylor
Brad TaylorZouk Instructor
Brad Taylor was invited to a Salsa class at Latin Motion years ago in 2006, and only attended a 4 week course (but loved it), however it was not until 4 years later – bored, unmotivated about life and overworked with his business, that (after still receiving The Monthly Latin Motion Newsletter) that he joined a salsa class again.

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This time he was hooked and Dancing in a way saved Brad from the not happy place that he had been. He attended Bachata classes and he was hooked again…however it was ZOUK that hooked Brad even more than the other styles. Brad remained with Latin Motion ever since and attended every Zouk class he could, including classes in 3 seperate Sydney Schools. He attended every workshop and every party including Interstate classes and Zouk Congresses. He was part of 6 Choreographies. Brad attended 2 separate invite only high level classes as well as a Zouk teaching program and classes with international Zouk stars and fast tracked his learning and social dancing.
Oliver Pineda “9 x World Champion” then invited Brad to become a Zouk teacher at Latin Motion.
”I love teaching – Dancing brightened my world and I am happy to help dancing brighten yours”
Brad can be contacted on info@latinmotion.com.au for privates.


Garnet Carpenter
Garnet CarpenterSalsa Instructor
Garnet discovered and fell in love with Salsa while travelling in South America in 2009. He became a member of Latin Motion in 2012 and joined the Latin Motion Academy in 2015.

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  • Performed at the 2017 Sydney Latin Festival
  • Performed at 2018 Melbourne Latin Festival
  • Performed at Latin Motion concerts in 2017, 2018 and 2019
  • Commenced teaching salsa at Latin Motion 2018
  • People’s Choice Best Teacher 2018
  • Best Male Teacher 2019
Daniela Montero
Daniela MonteroSalsa & Reggeaton Instructor
Daniela is a fun and energetic salsera with over 10 years dancing experience and hailing from Sydney’s Inner West.

Daniela loves the feeling of being on stage and moving in sync with music. For her, performing and teaching is about sharing her passion with other people and giving back.

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She started out her “career”, copying the likes of Britney Spears in “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. From there she quickly found a love for Hip Hop and Dance Hall before coming full circle and embracing Salsa which is her primary focus today.

Daniela has danced in numerous hip hop competitions at national and international levels. She is a current member of Oliver’s elite TOP team and hopes to leave her stamp onstage at a national salsa competition in the near future.

Achievements Include:

  • 2019 3rd place Open Salsa Shines Teams – World Salsa Solo
  • 2019 2nd place Reggaeton Duets – World Salsa Solo
Darren Low
Darren LowSalsa Instructor
Since stumbling upon a salsa night in a Chinese pub in Hangzhou in 2012, Darren has been hooked on Latin dance ever since.

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From mambo to cha cha and afro, Darren has a deep seeded passion for the world of Latin dance, its history and the incredible music (not including mambo no. 5).

With over 7 years of dancing experience, Darren was invited to teach with the amazing team at Latin Motion in 2019 where he continues to develop his knowledge and enthusiasm for the dance.

Camilla DominguezSalsa Instructor
Alonso Sanabria OliveraSalsa Instructor
Mercedes Sanabria Olivera
Mercedes Sanabria OliveraBachata Instructor
Mercedes is a bubbly, high energy, competition-driven teacher, who first started dancing when she was 6 years old. Mercedes started her dance journey in Peru (where she was born) in various folkloric dance styles such as Marinera and Negroide (musica negra). With such passionate love for dance, Mercedes choreographed her first Samba shines team routine at the age of 9 for one of her school events.

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After moving to Australia when she was 12, Mercedes started Latin dance when she was 18 and automatically fell in love with it and all its different styles. In 2017 after 6 months of learning Lyrical and Jazz and the Sydney Dance company, Mercedes choreographed a heartfelt and emotional lyrical routine that left the Latin scene in awe. She is now socially recognised for that very same routine wherever she goes.

Mercedes currently specializes and teaches Salsa, Bachata and Ladies Styling (for both Salsa and Bachata). Due to her competitiveness, you will see her in all Australian competitions such as the Australian Bachata Championships, Australian Dance Cup, World Salsa Solo and Australian Latin Dance Cup, competing in pro teams and couple routines, as well as with her students.


  • 2019 World Salsa Solo – Open Bachata Cabaret Teams division – 1st Place
  • 2019 World Salsa Solo – Open Salsa Cabaret division – 2nd Place
  • 2018 World Salsa Solo – Professional Bachata Freestyle – 2nd Place
  • 2018 and 2017 – World Salsa Solo Salsa Shines Team – 1st place 2years in a row
  • 2017 Australian Bachata Championship – Professional division – 1st Place
  • 2017 Wold Salsa Solo – Bachata Freestyle Professional division – 2nd Place
  • 2017 Australian Bachata Championships – Open Mixed latin Teams (MercAngels) – 3rd Place
  • 2016 Australian Dance Cup – Bachata Cabaret Professional couple division – 2nd Place
  • 2015 ALDC -Australian Bachata Open Cabaret couples division – 2nd Place
  • 2015 Australian Bachata Amateur Freestyle Champion X2 1st Place
  • 2015 Australian Salsa Amateur Freestyle Champion 1st Place
  • 2014 Australian Bachata Amateur Cabaret Champion 1st Place
Gaby Munoz
Gaby MunozSalsa Instructor
Gaby is originally from Ecuador. In school she briefly explored Ballet, Folklore, Cumbia and Contemporary dance, but as a Latina, Salsa has always been a fundamental part of her life. Having the innate latin flavour and rhythm of its dance, she joined a salsa school in 2010 to learn the fun casino style. Since then, she couldn’t stop. She dances linea style ON1, recently expanding her skills in Bachata and Mambo ON2. Gaby’s original and most experienced style is Caleno Style.

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Relevant dancing experience:

  • 2012: Placed 2nd in “Estudio Nacional de Baile (ENB)” internal competition (amateur couples cabaret)
  • 2013: Represented her country internationally in the “Festival de salsa Cali – Colombia”, which, for those who know, is one of the toughest competitions.
  • 2013 and 2016: Placed vice champion in the Salsa Congress – Ecuador (team cabaret style)
  • Performed with the professional “ENB” team
  • Performed with the professional “Asolbaile” team

The most important thing for Gaby is to keep your own essence while dancing, and to have fun!!. She is thrilled and committed to offer you a great learning experience, so wait no more!

Morgan Foulsham
Morgan FoulshamSalsa Instructor
As fate would have it, Morgan was inspired to start dancing after he accidentally stumbled across Oliver Pineda and Claire Kellner-Read performing together at a Grounds of Alexandria salsa night. Ever since then – he’s never looked back!

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In 2019, Morgan:

  • auditioned for and joined the LM Academy;
  • represented LM (with his dance partner Karina Fernandez) in national competitions including the Australian Dance Cup (3rd Place – Amateur Salsa Couples (Classic)) and World Salsa Solo (2nd Place – Amateur Salsa Couples (Cabaret));
  • performed in seven choreographies at the respective LM Concerts;
  • started teaching salsa at LM; and
  • was honoured to receive the LM ‘Student of the Year Award’.

Morgan loves performing, has a huge smile and is friends with all the students – creating a positive and fun learning environment. He is at LM so much nowadays, it might as well be (and he considers it) his second home. Come along to any of his classes if you’d like to learn and laugh!

Flora Lo
Flora LoSalsa Instructor
Flora developed a passion for Latin Ballroom after having to take lessons for a friend’s wedding in 2012. She stumbled across Latin Motion where she started her first course in early 2016. A few weeks into the course, she was invited to join the beginner’s choreography for the mid-year concert and won the award for the best female dancer.

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Since then, Flora has performed in several Latin Motion concerts and represented the school in the Sydney Latin Festival and Sydney Bachata Festival. Flora joined the Latin Motion Academy in 2017 and was invited to join the teaching team in 2018.

Fun fact: when Flora isn’t spinning around on the dance floor, she can be found twirling around poles at a pole studio.

Karina Fernandez Boersma
Karina Fernandez BoersmaSalsa Instructor
Karina first fell in love with salsa when she stumbled in to a Latin night at the Night Cat in Melbourne years ago where she witnessed social dancing to live music for the very first time. She travelled to Brazil in 2012 and did a 2 week intensive course which included salsa, samba funkeado, forro and cha-cha and vowed to start regular salsa classes when she returned home to Melbourne. Six short years later, after moving to Sydney, she dove head first in to salsa once again in 2018 at Latin Motion and hasn’t slowed down since.

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Her highlights so far include:

  • performing on stage at 3 x Latin Motion Showcases in multiple choreographies
  • placing 3rd at ADC 2019, Amateur Salsa Couples (Classic) with Morgan Foulsham
  • placing 2nd at World Salsa Solo, Amateur Salsa Couples (Cabaret) with Morgan Foulsham
  • started teaching at Latin Motion
  • becoming part of the LM family
Wei MaiBachata Instructor
Lauren Lee
Lauren LeeZouk Instructor
Lauren discovered her love of Zouk in 2015. She was drawn to the liberating movements, music, and connection shared whilst social dancing. Classically trained for fourteen years and an avid yoga practitioner and instructor, Lauren wishes to share her knowledge and passion of human connection in the form of movement by helping students develop a greater awareness and appreciation of their own bodies.

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  • 2016 1st place Open Latin Teams (Zouk) – Australian Latin Dance Championships
  • 2017 5th place in Casa Do Zouk Jack and Jill
  • 2019 2nd place in Zouk Sea Jack and Jill
Deniz Koca
Deniz KocaBachata Instructor
Deniz started dancing in 2015 with hip hop groups in Turkey, before coming to Sydney in 2016 where she started dancing Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and Zouk. You wouldn’t tell by the way she moves but Deniz is self-taught in Latin dancing.

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In 2018, Deniz started teaching in styles such as Kizomba, Cuban Salsa and Bachata. That same year, she also won 2nd place in the Australian Bachata Championship as an amateur and in 2015, she won a trophy for the longest performance, which was 45 min nonstop.

Deniz says the reason she started dancing is because she found her true self through dance and it’s how she expresses her feelings.

Come along to Latin Motion on Tuesday and Wednesday if you’d like to join Deniz’s class!

Zachariah Buckley
Zachariah BuckleyBachata Instructor
France, Italy, Miami, Barcelona, Croatia, London, Puerto Rico, Japan…

These are all the countries I’ve been blessed to go dancing in and without starting Latin dancing I would not have been to any of the cities above it’s changed my life.

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Growing up in the Sunshine Coast was a great city but not much salsa dancing, luckily, I moved to Sydney and started salsa dancing. Since then I have met so many awesome people who are great friends now!!!

I don’t know what I would have done if I gave up on my first class!!!
But it would have been boring 🙂


Talin JoulakianReceptionist
Bridget LamyAdministration