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Our Team

Oliver Pineda

Founder & Director
10 x World Salsa Champion

Oliver Pineda is Australia’s 10 x World Salsa Champion.


Oliver is the Founder & Director of world renown Latin Motion Dance Academy, co founded in the year 2000 along side Natalie Zeller (formally Reis)

Oliver now hosts his very own subscription website featuring over 500 videos online & heads The Oliver Pineda Academy, Australia’s most elite & exclusive training program housed within Latin Motion Dance Academy. 


Oliver has won 5 of his World Salsa Championship titles with former celebrity dance partner (a partnership of 20+ years) 3 x winner of Dancing with the Stars; Luda Kroitor.


Born in Australia and of Chilean descent, this young man started dancing Salsa at the mere age of 10. Having now danced for 30+ years, Oliver’s unique style of dance and clear precise teaching methods make him one of the most admired and sought after Salsa dancers and instructors in the world. Oliver has taught millions of people & performed at thousands of events in every continent around the World and continues to travel spreading his passion & knowledge for dance.


Featured & referenced in many articles as one of the top 10 male Salsa dancers in the world, Oliver is co responsible for introducing to Sydney; Rueda in 1999, Kizomba & Semba in 2007, was one of the instigators of linear style Salsa in 2000 & is now undoubtedly the pioneer of Mambo On2 in Australia. 


Oliver owes his career success to his 10 years of technical dance & competitive training within the Latin Dance Sport & Ballroom arena. Equipping him with first hand experience & knowledge in all styles Latin & Modern, Oliver’s career highlights include being a Multiple Australian times Latin American Ballroom Champion as well as being placed in the top 98 out of 600 couples in the under 21 youth division at the prestigious Blackpool Championship in London. 


Oliver also owes his career success to his musical knowledge & percussion background given to him by his father, one of the pioneers & well respected percussionists in the Sydney Latin music industry. Oliver, having worked as the permanent percussionist/musician (specialising in Timbales, Congas, Bongo & Campana) in the Alma Latina Band at the recently closed Vivaz Nightclub at age 16 & the Caliente La Banda band at the La Campana Nightclub at age 18, Oliver now occasionally plays with some of Sydney’s top Salsa bands & gets invited to play with some of the world’s best Salsa singers & Salsa bands in countries & events all over the World. Oliver’s early performance experience within the Brazilian culture has also enabled him to handle Brazilian style instruments such as the Snare Drum, Zurdo, Pandero and the Hepinique & still performs within Brazilian & Latin American show troupes till today. 


Oliver’s extensive dance experience also extends to Cuban/Afro Cuban, Cumbia, Cali Style Salsa, Zouk & Brazilian Samba as well as Latin & Modern Dance Sport styles in all its varieties such as Cha Cha, Paso Doble, Rumba, Jive, Waltz, Slow Foxtrot & Viennese Waltz to name a few. 

As well as his musical & dance talents, Oliver was also a black belt martial artist in the combat art of Tae Kwon Do having taught kids from a young age & competed in many tournaments in Australia. This relationship between martial arts & dance was formed early on in his life, equipping him with an understanding of the basics of the Brazilian martial arts, Capoeira.


Oliver now  continues to spread his profound knowledge & unique, sought after teaching methodologies & style to dancers all around the World.


Olver is also currently in the process of expanding Latin Motion & the OP Academy, locally, interstate & internationally via franchises. 


Melanie Lindaya

Melanie Lindaya fell in love with Latin Dance in 2013, being moved by the sensuality and freedom expressed by its form.


Since then, Melanie has embarked on a continued learning and teaching journey of the art. Never shying away from a challenge, she is constantly inspired by those around her.


Being a mathematics lecturer in her day time job, she enjoys the technical aspect of Latin Dance and takes pride in quality teaching.


You will almost certainly find Melanie grooving in the corner of a Latin Dance social with a wine in her hand.


Jennifer Mogollon

I used to do Jazz school performances when I was little then before starting Uni. I joined a dancing academy back in Venezuela that focused in Jazz, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet & Flamenco. I loved it but it only lasted a year as I had to start uni and work so left dancing and then in 2016 while in Australia I was feeling curios to try some school latin dancing that can help me feel connected to my roots and culture I was homesick being in a foreign country.


The moment I was introduced to salsa and bachata I totally felt in love with it and I have kept dancing since then.


I have done also some Jazz HipHop Afro and Bollywood. My achievements I got 3rd place female amateur world salsa solo in 2016 then after I have performed several times.


Laione Iosefa

Laione is a former rugby boy and Dougie master. After mastering both these skills, Laione started searching for a new element to pursue.


In 2019, he hung up his footy boots and took up latin dance. He found his mambo grove and has been perfecting it ever since.


Laione brings a positive and happy atmosphere wherever he goes, making learning a fun experience for his fellow dancers and students.


He never misses a chance to perform and has been a part of many concerts, showcases and galas.


Come catch Laione in class, at any social or latin dance festival!

gina 2_edited.jpg

Gina Smith

Gina started dancing in 2019 where she developed a passion for Latin dance. She has a strong dedication and ongoing commitment to learning and developing her skills as a dancer.


Since starting, Gina has performed in many galas and showcases for her dance schools.


Gina has a background in classical piano performance and has been teaching since she was 16 years old.


Her favourite part about teaching in general is watching students’ faces light up when they learn something new, and walking out of the class with a new found confidence in themselves.


Lara Colagrossi

I started in the gymnastics field since the age of  2 and that came to an end during covid. In my past sport, we were all taught to dance and my preferred style was usually flamenco. From that point on, I knew I wanted to bring those skills across to try and conquer another sport and be able to find a place that makes me feel unique.


I started dancing in January of 2022 at Latin Motion and have fallen in love with not only the sport but the people as well.


 I’ve fallen in love with performing and competing as the adrenaline before each performance feels me with immense excitement.


I try to make the learning environment as enjoyable as I can, allowing people to feel comfortable and to feel included as they walk out of their classes learning something new every time.


Elif Ozdamgaci


I have started dance trainings with Ballet at early years of childhood. I started learning Flamenco at high school years, then I have been introduced to Social Latin dance styles at a Salsa party on my visit to New York City in 2016. 


After my vacation, I have started taking Salsa, Chacha and Bachata classes in my hometown Istanbul, where I have got the chance to learn from different artists including Diego Avendaño Ibarra (Italy), Ozlem Sevimkan (Turkey), Ezgi Zaman (Turkey).


My learning journey is still and will continue with Oliver Pineda Academy.

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