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From Monday 10th January we are bringing back our all welcomming, friendly & easy to follow dance classes with a new & improved timetable! We offer classes in-studio and online. Come experience our fun-filled atmosphere & join our place of happiness today!

Our studio is Covid Safe and as always If you are not feeling well, please login to our classes online instead! 

Everyone is now welcome! 

Dancing in Red



Founder & Director

10 x World Salsa Champion



Sanabria Olivera

Head of Operations, Principal Salsa & Bachata Instructor

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Be A Socialite

The Benefits of our Classes

Here are some of the benefits our students have noticed through engagement with Latin Dance.

Strengthen Your Brain

Increases Creativity! Studies show that dance lessons REDUCES your risk of dementia and increases mental capacity by exercising cognitive processes. Dance Classes also IMPROVE Focus and create NEW neural pathways.

Meet People

Through Dance classes you will meet more people than you would in any other social activity on the planet!

Keep Fit!

Our Latin dance classes help you maintain a Healthy Weight, aids in Weight Loss, Tones Muscles, Strengthens the Heart and Cardiovascular system and Increases Lung Capacity and Bone Strength.

Flexibility, Co-ordination and Posture!

Our Latin Dance Classes will INCREASE Flexibility, Co-ordination and Posture!

Happiness Boost!

Dancing makes you HAPPY! It reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression by INCREASING your Energy, Serotonin levels and Improving your Sleep. This is the true Anti-Ageing affect!

Confidence Boost!

Dancing IMPROVES Self-esteem, Self-expression and is incredibly Fulfilling!