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Oliver Pineda has just won his 10th World Salsa Championship. Sonia Kruger on the Today Show tried some Salsa, and talked to Oliver about the health benefits of Salsa.

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Why choose Latin Motion Dance Academy?
  • Syllabus structured classes

  • Instructors chosen by World Champions

  • Conveniently located in Sydney CBD
  • Timetable designed so students get more
  • Easy to learn, proven method

  • We are Family!

Our Salsa Classes Sydney CBD – an unforgettable event!

Led by the 10 x World Salsa Champion Oliver Pineda & 2 x winner of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Luda Kroitor, Latin Motion’s accolades go unsurpassed by anyone in the Industry! So join Australia’s longest running, most renowned & friendliest Latin Dance School situated in the heart of Sydney!

And if that doesn’t pull you in, how about this – it’s heaps of FUN too! We have been Inspiring and Connecting people through Salsa Classes and a wide range of Latin Dance classes for over 20 years. We have developed an infallible method to teach, getting hundreds of students on the dance floor every Term. Our amazing Instructors will have you moving like you never thought you would!

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Dancing is a great way to meet people and make new friends, and it can be life changing (not kidding!). Over the years we have heard the most amazing stories about how our Salsa classes have changed people’s lives. Read some of them here.
We watch our students grow their Confidence, Self-Esteem and Passion for Latin Dance week by week in lessons for any skill level. This is what make us proud of our work and keep us going with great joy for our School.
The Benefits of our Classes

Here are some of the benefits our Members have noticed through engagement with Latin Dance.

Strengthens Your Brain

Increases Creativity! Studies show that dance lessons REDUCES your risk of dementia and increases mental capacity by exercising cognitive processes. Dance Classes also IMPROVE Focus and create NEW neural pathways.

Keep Fit!

Our Latin dance classes help you maintain a Healthy Weight, aids in Weight Loss, Tones Muscles, Strengthens the Heart and Cardiovascular system and Increases Lung Capacity and Bone Strength.

Happiness Boost!

Dancing makes you HAPPY! It reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression by INCREASING your Energy, Serotonin levels and Improving your Sleep. This is the true Anti-Ageing affect!

Meet People!

Through Dance classes you will meet more people than you would in any other social activity on the planet!

Flexibility, Co-ordination and Posture!

Our Latin Dance Classes will INCREASE Flexibility, Co-ordination and Posture!

Confidence Boost!

Dancing IMPROVES Self-esteem, Self-expression and is incredibly Fulfilling!


Want to Perform, Compete or Teach? Join Australia’s ONLY leading Latin Dance Academy in Australia and do it all! Learn from some of the Worlds most sought after Dancers & Instructors featuring 10 x World Salsa Champion Oliver Pineda and Special International & National Guest Instructors!

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